Welcome to Ravendale-Termo Elementary School District

Welcome to the Ravendale-Termo Elementary School District

A portrait of Jason Waddell. It is the mission of the Ravendale-Termo Elementary School District to provide every student with the opportunity to learn grade-level content every day in a safe and supportive environment. The District strives to create and sustain a culture and environment in which people feel important and valued. Members of our District recognize the potential and worth in others. Respect, responsibility, trust and achievement are the core values that are taught, modeled, practiced and reinforced on a daily basis. Students and staff continually strive to reach their fullest potential and are recognized for their academic excellence, citizenship and integrity.

The Ravendale-Termo Elementary School District has traditionally been the smallest K-8 school district in Lassen County. The District currently spans the northeastern high desert area of Lassen County. Shaffer and Susanville School Districts lie to the south and Surprise and Big Valley School Districts are to the north of the Ravendale-Termo Elementary School District. The small townships of Ravendale and Termo account for the aptly named district. The majority of the land in the District is covered in high desert and farms.

Juniper Ridge Elementary School is the founding school in the district, originally located in Ravendale, CA. Elementary aged students attended Juniper Ridge as early as 1918. When a fire destroyed the school in 1992, the school was rebuilt on Termo-Grasshopper Road, where students currently attend school in a beautiful, modern school facility. Additionally, the District authorizes Long Valley Charter and Long Valley Charter- Susanville, which are home to over 400 students across the northeastern part of California.

We hope this new interactive website serves as a vital resource for the students and parents in our community. Please check back often, as we will be continually updating the content on the website in order to make the site a valuable communication tool for all users.


Jason Waddell