Working towards a brighter future for our children!
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    Ravendale-Termo Elementary School District.
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    Juniper Ridge Elementary School.
  • Our Virtual Academy

    Juniper Ridge Virtual Academy.

Education at its best . . .

For the Virtual Academy, we are VERY excited to provide the use of K12 and FuelEd (formerly AventaLearning) curriculum !!

LOTS of new and fun things for the Elementary School too!

Here's to a new and exciting year! Let's get started!

At Juniper Ridge, our mission is to provide the highest quality individualized education available anywhere. With personalized programs, outstanding curriculum, dedicated staff, and the latest echnology, both our Juniper Ridge Elementary School, serving students from grades K-8, and Juniper Ridge Virtual Academy Charter, serving grades K-12, offer opportunity and choice unparalleled in education today . . .